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February 29, 2012 EDM drilling machine APos aged 20. The high-speed ...
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February 29, 2012 - APos machine series aged 20

EDM drilling machine APos aged 20. The high-speed EDM drilling machine APos, which was decorated with the innovation award, allows smallest drillings into hardest materials.

EDM drilling is applied, where machining with other removal procedures is not possible or not efficient, because of the features of the work piece material. With this manufacturing method the material is removed by a series of electrical discharges.
With their machine series APos Heun Werkzeugmaschinen & Industriebedarf offers an exceptionally high-performance EDM drilling machine for metal processing for mould and tool industry, medical engineering or aviation industry since 20 years now. Further ranges of application are in glass industry, automotive industry, medical engineering or in machine construction, jig manufacturing for small hole drillings, drilling of nozzles, degassing holes, vacuum holes or cooling holes.

Highlight of the current development is the APos CNC-Pentium®. This machine can be linked to existing internal networks as well as to the internet. „World-wide online“ - Fast and cost-efficient remote maintenance with integration of the world-wide web expands the service of Heun group already for a long period of time.

„With the APos Heun placed the first controlled EDM drilling machine on the market, with which it is possible to machine extremely small drillings, approximately with the thickness of a hair, up to a drilling depth of 1.5 m“, explains Rüdiger Heun, general manager of Heun Werkzeugmaschinen & Industriebedarf. The motor-driven adjustable tilting head, which can be programmed in smallest increments of 1/100 ° up to +/- 45 °, as well as the indexers, especially developed for EDM drilling, are the main features of the APos. Drilling speed of up to 200 mm/min can be reached; electrodes of diameter 0.1 to 6.0 mm can be used. With a machine of Heun a drilling depth of 2,600 mm was reached and by this the present world record was set.

Because of special requirements of the customers machines with bigger travel distance, 5-axis machining and high accurateness requirements were designed. The machine body, which is made of mineral concrete offers maximum stability, highest stiffness and bigger load bearing capacity. The machines are equipped with Beckhoff continuous path control and up-to-date, efficient drives.

A software allows to generate CNC programs for the APos machine out of DXF and Solids (3-D compound) and to transfer these programs online secured to the APos. Coordinates are taken over directly from the system and therefore mistakes, because of input of wrong coordinates, are avoided. At the same time machine set-up time is shortened.

                 APos 800 solid: present state of technique

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